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We fell in love with Budapest.

We fell in love with Budapest and we started investing in it. We were looking for real estate opportunities in Budapest for ourselves almost 15 years ago. We had to work hard to understand how everything works in the local Real Estate market in order to become experts in the field and make our investments pay off in the best way possible. During our journey, we met many other international investors like us. They liked our way of working. Interested buyers started contacting us and asking for advice and support during the process. And that's how all started!  We became full-time real estate and investment consultants, we managed to build an efficient structure, establish successful partnerships with real estate developers, financial institutions and legal experts in Budapest in order to offer the ideal service for the international real estate investors.
We take pride in offering to international investors the best real estate solutions in Budapest. Contact us lets us help you find the right property. We speak fluent English, Russian, Italian and Spanish.                      


- Buy & Sell Residential properties
- Buy & Sell Commercial properties
- Property Rentals & Management
- Interior Design & Renovations
- Company Incorporation
- Accounting Services
- Legal Services & Purchase permits
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